KRVN KUVR Nebraska Rural Radio Diplexer

KUVR KRVN Nebraska Rural Radio Diplexer

KUVR KRVN Nebraska Rural Radio DiplexerDuring the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we shipped the AM matching and filtering equipment to diplex Nebraska Rural Radio station KUVR/1380kHz onto sister station KRVN/880kHz. KUVR KRVN Nebraska Rural Radio DiplexerExisting station KRVN is a 50kW station operates non-directionally during the day and directionally at night with a four tower in-line array. KUVR is a low-power, non-directional station, operating with less than 1kW on a separate tower from the tower used for the KRVN non-directional operation.

Kintronic supplied the 1380kHz Antenna Tuning Unit with a 880kHz reject series filter and prematching network to condition the high tower impedance at 1380kHz for better bandwidth performance. The network presented a high impedance at 880kHz, effectively floating the tower to be compatible with KRVN’s day time operation. Kintronic also provided a switchable filter to reject 1380kHz from the existing 880kHz non-directional day operation and to ensure that there was no impact on its directional night pattern. Both cabinets were designed to integrate directly with the mechanical and RF constraints of the existing equipment on site.

KUVR KRVN Nebraska Rural Radio DiplexerKUVR and KVRN are operated by the Nebraska Rural Radio Association, which was founded in 1948 with a mission to provide pertinent information to farmers and ranchers across the state, including daily grain and livestock markets and weather and farm reports. These stations provide critical information to farmers in a timely manner, helping prevent major losses from significant weather events.

Director of Engineering Rod Zeigler said after the installation, “Everything is working fine and we have had no problems with the equipment you built for us.”

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