Tower Detune Unit

KCRO KIBM Diplexer & Skirt Kit

Last year, we had the privilege of working with Walnut Media USA in Omaha, Nebraska to design and manufacture the antenna tuning units and filters to diplex station KIBM 1490kHz on station KCRO 660kHz, both 1 kW. All of the equipment was mounted in unpainted aluminum enclosures with support stands. The equipment included shunt filters […]

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KRVN KUVR Nebraska Rural Radio Diplexer

KUVR KRVN Nebraska Rural Radio Diplexer

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we shipped the AM matching and filtering equipment to diplex Nebraska Rural Radio station KUVR/1380kHz onto sister station KRVN/880kHz. Existing station KRVN is a 50kW station operates non-directionally during the day and directionally at night with a four tower in-line array. KUVR is a low-power, non-directional station, operating […]

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Trans World Radio 4-Tower MW Directional Antenna Array on the Island of Bonaire

Kintronic Labs selected by Trans World Radio for Bonaire MW Antenna System Power Upgrade

Kintronic Labs is pleased to announce our selection by Trans World Radio, the most far-reaching global media ministry in the world,  to supply, install and commission a new medium wave directional antenna system required to facilitate a transmitter power increase from 100kw to 450kw operating into a four-tower, three-pattern array located on the island of […]

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