Broadcasting & Telecommunication Services

Kintronic Lab engineers bring decades of experience to the toughest technical challenges in upgrading existing stations or implementing new facilities.

Serving the radio broadcast industry since 1949, engineers and specialists at Kintronic Labs provide complete design, on-site installation, commissioning and technical support services for broadcast and telecommunications, as well as custom hardware solutions for RF heating applications.

Broadcasting telecommunications Services

Anechoic Chamber

We’re also here to assist with any technical issue you may be experiencing, either in-person or over the phone.

Many firms simply send you the components and leave the installation up to you. Kintronic is here to help you from start to finish, and beyond, to ensure you have years of trouble-free service

Servicing both domestic and international markets, engineers at Kintronic Labs provide a complete range of services to facilitate new construction, assist with existing station upgrades, identify and correct operational problems and comply with all pertinent regulations.

Specific services include:

  • AM/MW antenna, transmitter, tuning and ground system layout
  • Antenna system design (non-directional, directional, multiplexed)
  • Upgrade from analog to digital HD broadcast
  • Collection of station data for FCC filings
  • …and much more

Once a design and installation is complete though, you can rest assured that we will not disappear. Engineers and specialists at Kintronic Labs also deliver a wide-range of technical support and consulting services, including:

  • Factory or on-site training services for all Kintronic manufactured equipment
  • Superior technical support
  • Revenue enhancement – helping you utilize empty antenna space to your advantage

Continue reading to learn more about design and technical/repair services at Kintronic Labs. Our extensive experience in broadcast and telecommunications uniquely positions us to bring fresh perspective to your most challenging technical issues.

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Field Tuning Services

telecommunication engineering

Custom Fabrication

telecommunication engineering

Factory RF Pre-Tuning

telecommunication engineering

RF Contactors Re-built

telecommunication engineering

Emergency Mobile Antenna

To discuss your specific system needs or operational issue, or to just ask a question, contact RF engineers at Kintronic Labs today.