Counter Dials, Insulated Couplings, & Knobs

Counter Dials

For the purpose of controlling variable RF components from the front panel of an AM/MW directional antenna system phasor cabinet, Kintronic Labs offers digital counter dial assemblies with either cranks or aluminum knurled knobs for adjustment. The shaft of the counter dial is coupled to the shaft of the variable RF component via a Kintronic Labs insulated coupling. These couplings are available in several shaft diameter ratio designs utilizing either ceramic or Teflon as the insulating material.

Insulated Shaft Couplings

Kintronic Labs manufactures a complete line of insulated shaft couplings for use with shaft driven vacuum capacitors and variable inductors. An insulated shaft coupling is typically used on the shaft between a front panel counter dial and a variable component.

Custom insulated shaft couplings can be prepared to meet your special requirements. Contact our applications engineers for assistance.

Insulated Knobs

Insulated knobs for use on ¼”, 3/8”, and ½” diameter shafts are available from stock.

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