Resource & Knowledge Center

Learn more about the technology behind terrestrial radio broadcast transmission and co-location of telecom and broadcast antennas, as well as a whole array of related systems and accessories designed and manufactured at our Tennessee facility.

Whether you’re a station owner with minimal technical expertise, or an engineer searching for custom equipment for a broadcast or non-broadcast RF application, engineers at Kintronic Labs are here to help guide you to the right solution and ensure you see years of reliable, trouble-free service.

Central to this mission is providing easy-to-digest information that can help you make an informed decision – and perhaps learn something new in the process.

Below, you will find a plethora of information including brochures on Kintronic-built omni-directional, single frequency (directional) and multiplexed antenna systems designed to provide the latest in HD or DRM digital transmission performance. You’ll also enjoy free access to in-depth technical papers on a wide range of broadcast antenna systems and related topics.

Additional resources – to be developed over time – will include quick articles and other resources designed to help even the most inexperienced layman understand the technical foundations of radio and telecommunications.

And besides technical information on our broadcast antenna system and associated products, we’ll also have resources for helping you understand and comply with all applicable FCC regulations – or we will direct you to a Professional Consulting Engineer who can assist you.

Feel free to explore around, and if you have any questions, please contact us today to discuss your individual needs.

Our combined 200+ years of experience allow us to deliver the most comprehensive design, construction, consulting and technical support for your broadcast transmission or other radio frequency needs.