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Multiplexed Phasing

From the transmitter output port, Kintronics can supply all of the necessary AM/Medium Wave matching and filtering passive RF networks to get your multiplexed omni-directional or directional stations on the air. Kintronic Labs recommends that the operating frequencies of multiplexed stations be separated by a minimum of 120kHz for best audio bandwidth results for each station.  Omni-directional multiplexed antenna systems that meet this spacing requirement typically consist of a separate matching network and series trap filter to reject each of the other multiplexed frequencies for each of the multiplexed transmitters.  These networks will be located at the base of the tower with each multiplexer input port fed by a separate transmission line from each corresponding transmitter.  For multiplexed stations with frequency separation between 70kHz and 120kHz additional filters will be required to achieve the desired isolation between the multiplexed transmitters.  Directional multiplexed systems consist of the common point, phasing and power dividing networks, the antenna tuning units(ATU’s), and the pattern and/or transmitter selection controller for each station in addition to series trap filters for each reject frequency that will be installed between the output of each ATU and the respective tower.

Kintronics utilizes state-of-the-art RF network synthesis techniques for the purpose of optimizing the input impedance bandwidth of each multiplexed antenna system port  for an omni-directional tower or for common point bandwidth and pattern bandwidth optimization in the case of a multiplexed directional antenna system for analog AM stereo,  for the US AM Inband On-Channel(IBOC) HD Digital Radio standard or for the Digital Radio Mondiale(DRM) Medium Wave terrestrial digital radio standard. The digital terrestrial radio services offer CD-quality audio over a comparable or even greater coverage area with reduced transmitter power relative to the coverage area provided by the full power analog transmitter.

Depending on the transmitter power level the antenna matching and filtering networks can be supplied in weatherproof enclosures, in pre-fabricated buildings, as open panel and shelf units or in mock up form for installation in a customer- supplied tuning house. It is the goal of Kintronic Labs to provide our customers with the most cost effective solution to meet their project budget.

To complete the multiplexed antenna system hardware Kintronics also provides local and extended control and monitoring systems that include automatic grounding switches, arc and smoke detectors, current or voltage monitoring, tower light monitoring as well as other related functions.


Multiplexing equipment permits multiple medium wave stations to share a common antenna system, either directional or non-directional.

Multiplexing is an attractive approach for today’s AM/MW broadcaster due to the high value of existing station property, or in other cases, due to the limited availability of property.

Kintronics has designed, built and installed diplexed, triplexed, and quadraplexed systems for two, three, and four stations, respectively, at locations all over the world. The equipment can be supplied in weatherproof enclosures, in pre-fabricated buildings, or as open panel units to meet your custom needs.

AM-MW HD or DRM Compatible Multiplexing Systems

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