Repair Services

Engineers and technicians at Kintronic Labs provide round-the-clock repair services and support for broadcasters, telecommunications, and non-broadcast RF applications

You have a radio broadcast or communication antenna system, or some sort of RF system for your plant – with regular upkeep, it works just fine most of the time.

But one overcast, cold morning, something goes awry – your system either isn’t working at all, or some component is out of tune and causing issues with general operation.

While Kintronic Labs offers complete repair services for RF contactors, inductor assemblies and related components, some of the more common repair services include:

  • AM/FM Antenna Repair & Refurbishment
  • RF Components Repair & Restoration
  • Lightning Damage (Isocouplers)
  • Isocoupler Servicing

In some cases, we are able to temporarily install a component while your part is being fixed, allowing you to stay on air while repairs are being made.

Engineers and technicians at Kintronic Labs have seen many issues crop up in our 60+ years of serving the terrestrial AM broadcast industry.

As new systems, technologies and applications of RF systems grow, so do the technical challenges – factory-trained engineers at Kintronic Labs stay on the cutting-edge of this technology and are able to deliver actionable solutions to any type technical issue you may be experiencing.

Storms and power outages, especially lightning, can also wreak havoc on your systems. Furthermore, if any remodeling or construction work is going on around your antenna or other outdoor components, accidents and mishaps do happen.

Quotes for repair service are free – your only cost is shipping your component to and from our facility in Tennessee. In some cases, we can provide a quote through pictures but it all depends on the part and the issue.

In addition to our factory repair services, we’re also available to come to your site anywhere in the world to diagnose and get your system back up and running.

If you’re experiencing a technical issue with an antenna system, isocoupler or some other RF component, do not delay – every hour you’re down costs you precious time and money.







Kintronic Lab engineers are standing by to assist – please contact us here, or call us directly at (423) 878-3141 to discuss your system’s issue today.