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Kintronic Labs has supplied militarized antenna systems for both land-based and ship-based applications. Antennas can be supplied with telescopic masts of heights up to 50 meters.Rapidly deployable antenna systems have currently been supplied for transmitter power levels up to 50KW. Kintronic Labs can determine coverage requirements and design, develop, and supply a complete mobile system to provide the desired coverage.

Kintronic can also design custom antennas for specific requirements including:

  • Rapidly deployable Medium Wave Antenna Kits
  • Long Wire, Center Fed, Frequency Agile Antennas
  • Telescoping Mast
  • Low Profile

Express Radio is a new concept in AM and FM radio broadcast transmission systems designed for the purpose of (1) reducing initial capital expenditures; (2) facilitating rapid installation and commissioning; (3) providing customized configuration of the equipment suite in accordance with the station engineer’s requirements; and (4) reducing monthly operating expenses. Typical transmission equipment that is offered in an Express Radio system includes:

    • – Main and/or Auxiliary transmitter(s) for 1-10 kW
    • – Audio processor
    • – STL transmitter/receiver
    • – Remote control system
    • – Satellite receivers
    • – Internet service router
    • – Transmitter dummy load with manual or electrical switching

The installation of an Express Radio system (1) eliminates the need for buried transmission line between the transmitter and antenna and (2) where weather conditions permit the elimination of a transmitter building. The customer-specified equipment can be integrated into the rack in accordance with the customer’s requirements and will be pre-wired in accordance with the station engineer’s specifications to permit installation and on-air operation in minimal time.
Express Radio systems are configured in an outdoor weatherproof painted aluminum enclosure that is designed to protect high value electronic equipment from a wide range of environmental conditions. The enclosure includes the following standard features:

    • – 16RU to 45RU vertical rack space
    • – 19” rack that is adjustable front to rear
    • – Sun shield for added solar protection
    • – 1/8” thick aluminum construction with front and rear hinged access doors each with 3-point pad lockable latch and integrated door stop arm
    • – Adapter plates on both sides to facilitate weather-tight interface with additional enclosures
    • – Pad or wall/pole mounting options
    • – Internal insulation up to 5R
    • – Optional features include:
    • – 2000 to 8000 BTU thermostatically controlled air conditioners
    • – 500 to 2000 Watt thermostatically controlled heaters
    • – Thermostatically controlled exhaust fans with filtered intake
    • – Weatherproof cable entry options
    • – AC power weatherproof distribution box
    • – Generator hook up
    • – External transmitter dummy load
    • – Laptop shelf
    • – Grounding provisions
    • – GFCI quad receptacle
    • – Equipment/battery shelf
    • – Customer-specified paint color
    • – Separate secondary weatherproof aluminum walk-in enclosure to permit service and maintenance of the equipment in inclement weather conditions

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