Tower Detune Skirt Designs

detune tower

Featured: Alaska and a Detune Kit

Detune kit designs for one or more frequencies can be provided for any type of tower structure.

One or more detune skirts will typically be required to make the tower effectively transparent at the AM operating frequency when a Cellular, Telecom, FM, or TV tower is installed close to an AM antenna site. We provide Mechanical and RF design capabilities to define the required detune kits to be applied to the subject towers by using moment method modeling.

When more than one skirt is required, we can provide motorized detuning networks for installation at the bottom of the elevated skirt(s) with controls located in the base antenna detuning unit. Each detuning kit is custom designed for the associated tower structure design and for the worst case wind and ice conditions at the site. The hardware used in the detuning kits is chosen to yield minimum corrosion and maximum service life.