Brand New Tower Site & Diplex Equipment for KLHT/KHKA

KLHT / KHKA diplexer

KLHT / KHKA diplexer

Radio Stations KHKA 1500kHz and KLHT 1040kHz have a brand new transmitting site and diplexing equipment thanks to the Honolulu

Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART). Since the old site was directly in the path of the new elevated rail system that has been under construction on Oahu for some time, HART was required to pay for the new diplex site.  For this reason, this is probably (or almost certainly) the cleanest and best overall condition radio site presently in Hawaii.

Because of the project scheduling for the HART system, we had to first build a temporary tower site with the tower location something like 75 feet away from the original tower site. For the temporary site we modified their existing diplexer to feed a self-supported unipole skirt-fed tower that was the same height as the original tower. HART paid for this as well, as part of their overall project costs. The original tower site was nestled into a freeway interchange; the temporary tower also within the same interchange, and the new site is just across the highway.

Another unique feature of this project is that the new tower site was built as part of a special community development project to house homeless families called Kahauiki Village. You can learn more about that on their website


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