Antenna Tuning Unit


Typical features of a Kintronic ATU:

  1. Unit is designed based on a method of moments model of the tower and feed system, including any known transformers, isocouplers, etc. that may be influencing loading the base of the tower.
  2. RF Design conservatively allows for the modeled nominal antenna impedance plus added tuning range that allows for +/- 50% variation in antenna resistance from nominal, and +/- 30 degrees phase rotation from nominal.
  3. All components are conservatively rated to provide Long Life at 125% modulation conditions.

Our ATUs are custom designed to fit your system specifications. Please call one of our sales engineers to discuss your design needs.

Antenna Tuning Unit Brochure

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Antenna Tuning Unit

Additions  features will include:

    1. Fabrication in a weatherproof, all aluminum housing with hinged, key-locked front doors.  Cabinet includes a top quality off-white paint finish on both interior and exterior surfaces for enhanced appearance and long term protection from the elements.  Note that paint finish also helps deter scrap metal thieves that may otherwise be attracted to a bare aluminum cabinet.
    2.  Approximate Housing dimensions (clearly specified in quotation)
    3. Input connection:   1-5/8” cable clamp prepared to receive a 1-5/8” foam-filled coaxial cable.  Customer will not need a connector on their cable for connection the ATU.  (Other sizes and EIA configurations are also available upon request.)
    4. Output connection:  High voltage Insulated Panel with copper feed pipe and rain visor
    5. Delta Electronics model TCA style RF current meter installed at the output of the ATU.  Meter is fully remote control compatible (remote meter sets and interconnecting wiring are sold separately).  Meter is factory installed in the ATU behind a meter window in the cabinet door, permitting local reading of the current with the cabinet door closed.
    6. Includes static drain choke as well as an adjustable, brass, 38mm ball style arc gap installed inside the unit for enhanced lightning protection.
    7. Unit will incorporate welded rear support bars with mounting tabs, suitable for mounting the ATU housing to wooden support posts of pipes.  NOTE:  A support stand of some form is also necessary to ensure proper support of the cabinet.  Stands may be locally fabricated, or optional factory installed mounting stands are offered below.
    8. All new high quality vacuum capacitors are used for maximum tuning stability and performance.
    9. All inductors and interconnecting tubing up to 60A rating are silver-plated.  Inductors and bus work above 60A rating are heavy copper pipe.
    10. J-plug at input and output, each with adjacent grounding posts, allowing for convenient use of tuning instrumentation.
    11. Continuous run of copper strap terminated in bracket on bottom of housing to permit interconnection with antenna ground.
    12. A removable shelf is provided to support RF bridge equipment during tune up.
    13. All networks are factory tuned to theoretical settings prior to shipment.
    14. Wide bandwidth design with predicted input VSWR of 1.0/1 on carrier and sideband levels as follows:   Detailed bandwidth model provided with quotation, showing expected VSWR levels at +/-5kHz and +/-10kHz.  This allows the buyer to be sure that the ATU will provide proper bandwidth performance.  This is most critical for digital system (DRM).
    15. Complete RF documentation will be supplied with the unit.

Fragile components will be removed and packed separately for shipping


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