KTL LAB4.50 Dehydrator

KTL Introduces New Dehydrator Line

Kintronic Labs is excited to introduce two highly reliable, yet quiet, dehydrators to the broadcast and satellite and telecommunications markets. The most unique feature of these dehydrators is the alternating dual-redundant pumps and drying chambers, which allows for overall reduced power consumption and results in an overall MBTF of 165,000 hours. Both models include alarms for system failure, low/high pressure, and high humidity. The controls on both the LAB4.50 and LAB9.50 allow you to program the output pressure between 1.5 and 8.7 PSIG (10 and 60 kPa).

The LAB4.50 has a flow rate of up to 300 liters/hour while the┬áLAB9.50 has a capacity of up to 1000 liters/hour, suitable to pressurize a maximum of 800 m and 2200 m of 3-1/8″ transmission line, respectively.

The LAB4.50 includes a built-in 6-port manifold, as shown in the photo below. The LAB9.50 includes an integrated 4-port manifold.

Optional items include a digital flow meter (Part#: LAB-METER) and Ethernet interface (Part#: LAB-PORTS), utilizing an embedded web server. An additional 4-port manifold is also an optional feature available for the LAB9.50 dehydrator only (Part#: LAB-OUTLETS-8). Tubing, fittings and pressure gauges are available on request.

Kintronic LAB4.50 Automatic Dehydrator

Kintronic LAB4.50 Automatic Dehydrator with 6-port manifold


The LAB4.50 model weighs 19 lbs/8.5 kg (220 VAC) or 22 lbs/10 kg (115 VAC), and its dimensions are 19″W x 5.2″H x 13.2″D

Kintronic LAB9.50 Automatic Dehydrator

Kintronic LAB9.50 Automatic Dehydrator with optional additional 4-port manifold






The LAB9.50 weighs in at 35.2 lbs/14 kg and its dimensions are 19″W x 12.2″H x 5.9″D.


Power supply options are: 110-120 or 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

Delivery: 4 – 6 weeks ARO

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