From towers to low profile or mobile antennas to RF feeder systems to transmitter accessories to transmitter, tuning house or generator power plant prefabricated aluminum, steel or concrete buildings to semiflex and rigid transmission lines and accessories to tower revenue enhancing solutions to custom control systems and much, much more, Kintronic Labs has the products that you need to meet your broadcast, telecom or custom RF requirements.

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RF engineers & technicians provide complete design, manufacture and installation supervision of state-of-the-art AM/MW broadcast transmission systems; repair and re-work of used FM antennas; design, fabrication and testing of custom solutions for RF industrial, communication, telecommunication or other applications; design of custom web-accessible transmitter and pattern selection control systems; high voltage RF testing; and indoor anechoic chamber antenna characterization or electromagnetic compatibility testing.


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Sheet metal fabrication; CNC machine center; mig, tig and heliarc welding; spray paint booth; and treated lumber crating facility for international shipments; indoor and outdoor antenna test facilities; high voltage RF test facility; and over 60 years of combined experience in the design, manufacture and test of custom RF systems and components.


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NAB Engineering Achievement Award

2015 Engineering Achievement Award Winners Announced

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) announced on February 23rd that radio engineer Thomas F. King of Kintronic Labs and television innovator Richard M. Friedel of Fox have been named the 2015 recipients of the NAB Engineering Achievement Awards.

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NAB salutes Mr. Tom King    

Broadcast & Telecommunication Solutions

As the oldest continually operating AM antenna system provider in the U.S., the engineering staff at Kintronic Labs have learned through accumulated wisdom and experience to specify the most reliable and cost-effective communication solutions (…from initial concept to fully operational) for both broadcast and non-broadcast applications.

Since our founding, RF engineers at Kintronic Labs have been at the forefront of this constantly evolving technology, providing innovative, technologically advanced communications solutions that deliver long-term, reliable service. If you’re ready to discuss your custom antenna or RF system needs, learn more by clicking one of areas above or contact us for a free quote or with your specific product or service question today.