In Loving Memory of Larry Arnold (1951 - 2017)

We celebrate our motorcycle-loving colleague Larry for an active life that touched many people and 18 years of service to Kintronic Labs. He was instrumental in developing and calibrating our Voltage Sampling Units (VSUs), and was a QC and field engineer on many high power projects, including Trans World Radio at 400 kW in Sri Lanka and the 4 million watt HAARP research project in Alaska.  Larry was known for his excellent customer support. You could count on him to be a personable and  knowledgeable voice of support in any situation. Above all, he was a wonderful and encouraging coworker and friend. We love and miss you Larry. 

Broadcast & Telecommunication Solutions

As the oldest continually operating AM antenna system provider in the U.S., the engineering staff at Kintronic Labs have learned through accumulated wisdom and experience to specify the most reliable and cost-effective communication solutions (…from initial concept to fully operational) for both broadcast and non-broadcast applications.

Since our founding, RF engineers at Kintronic Labs have been at the forefront of this constantly evolving technology, providing innovative, technologically advanced communications solutions that deliver long-term, reliable service. If you’re ready to discuss your custom antenna or RF system needs, learn more by clicking one of areas above or contact us for a free quote or with your specific product or service question today.