Shortwave Tunable Balun

Transmission Line Hybrid-type Shortwave Tunable Balun for the 49M Tropical Band.

We offer a manual or motorized version to facilitate the vacuum capacitor tuning to the desired frequency. The manual version includes a counter dial to reference the vacuum capacitor setting. The motorized version (shown) includes local and remote control with output voltage proportional to the capacitor setting. The voltage is digitally-displayed locally for vacuum capacitor reference.

The enclosure is all aluminum construction and can be configured with output studs aligned vertically or horizontally.


Transmission Line Hybrid-Type Shortwave Balun

Power rating: 50 – 100 kW

Operating Bands: tunable from 5.95 MHz – 22 MHz

Body Dimensions: 101.5″L x 23.5″W x 31.5″H

Overall Length: 122″


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