FMC-0.2P STL Band Isocoupler


Designed to yield broadband isolation of an STL (Studio-Transmitter Link) Dish transmission line across the base insulator of a “hot” AM tower.

Center frequency: 950 MHz standard (800-960 MHz available)

Bandwidth: 30 MHz

Includes mounting brackets and standoff insulators

Download Specifications for FMC-0.2P

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The STL band isocoupler permits Studio to Transmitter Link signal of less than 200 W to be routed across the base insulator of a Series Fed Medium Wave tower at a frequency in the 800 to 960 MHz band. Custom modified pass band trading insertion loss and power handling for specific frequency coverage. Maximum medium tower base voltage is 12 KV peak.

This isocoupler comes with Type N Female connectors in and out. It can be post-mounted or mounted directly on the tower using the tower leg mounting hardware supplied with the isocoupler.


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