BAMS – The Antenna’s Doctor


The BAMS antenna monitoring system is embedded in the antenna, allowing for:

  1. Awareness of your antenna’s health and performance
  2. Direct communication from the antenna in case of troubles
  3. Real time monitoring
  4. Proactive maintenance

BAMS allows detection and localization of transient or permanent faults and performance deviation of antenna systems by directional couplers equipped with a wide range of sensors (RF, ambient and pneumatic), a communication port (RS485), and internal firmware, allowing operations such as autocalibration, equalization, and A/D conversion.

For the full list of specs, check out the brochure: BAMS – The Antenna Doctor


Two main components:

  1. Smart Sensors (1 per flange)
  2. Data manager (1 per station)

Software features:

  • real time antenna system monitoring
  • problems and failures localization
  • assessment of site faults prior to dispatching personnel to site
  • programmable alarms and thresholds
  • data storage and long-term performance analysis
  • fast transient registration
  • analysis of failures or performance deviations caused by atmospheric phenomena
  • dew point and pressure monitor in pressurized antennas
  • moisture/water detection


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