Coaxial & Waveguide Isolation Inductors

Isolation Inductors

To facilitate the installation of other services on a base insulated AM/MW mast, Kintronic Labs designs and manufactures custom isolation inductors that consist of (1) one or more windings of foam coaxial transmission line ranging in size typically from ½” to 1-5/8” on a common form with in some cases a parallel vacuum variable capacitor that is set to parallel resonate the total wound inductance at the AM/MW frequency; (2) a slotted copper inductor with foam coax, Cat 5 or AC power conductors placed internal to the copper winding and terminated in an enclosed copper junction box at both ends with a barrier strip on which each of the AC power or other conductors terminate with RF bypass capacitors on each terminal; and (3) one or more windings of elliptical waveguide on a common form for higher frequency applications. The isolation inductors are provided on an aluminum panel with bent down sides, welded corners, mounting flanges, and alodine finish for installation in a customer-supplied building. Also available in an aluminum weatherproof enclosure with hinged, key locked access door(s) and off white paint finish and with an optional support stand to facilitate installation on a concrete pad.
You can use the Tower Impedance Calculator to get your tower’s impedance.

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