ISO-CAT6-RU Isolation Inductor


ISO-CAT6-RU Isolation Inductor for CAT6 Cables

This is the preferred solution for high power applications of CAT6 cable on AM towers. The more economical option for up to (2) CAT6 cables is the ISO-300-CAT6-2 isolation choke.

Features of the ISO-CAT6-RU Isolation Inductor:

  • Co-locate Cat6 or Cat7 connected devices on your AM tower
  • High impedance designs to minimize influence on the AM tuning
  • Available as indoor or weatherproof outdoor units
  • Fully passive design is robust and includes PoE capability

Download Specifications for ISO-CAT6-RU


ISO-CAT6-RU Isolation Inductor

The ISO-CAT6-RU Isolation Inductor enables the co-location of CAT6 or CAT7 connected devices on your AM tower.

Custom configurations of the ISO-CAT6-RU Isolation Inductor include:

  • Additional Turns
  • Multiple Windings
  • Parallel Resonating Capacitor
  • Mounting in Weatherproof Enclosure or on Open Panel
  • Additional Windings for AC power or Ethernet Cable


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