ISO-100-78EIA FM/LPTV Isolation Coil


ISO-100-78EIA FM/LPTV Isolation Coil for installing an FM  or LPTV (low power TV) translator on an AM broadcast tower.

FM Band Insertion Loss: 0.37dB

Max. FM Power: 3000W

Input Connector: 7/8″ EIA Male or 7/16″ DIN

Peak AM Voltage: 20 kV

Unit Dimensions: 27″L x 24″W x 54″H (PVC drum: 24″ Dia.)

Weight: 155 Lbs.

Download Specifications for ISO-100-78EIA


Insertion Loss & Power Rating Specifications


Insertion Loss FM (88-108 Mhz)0.37 dB
Insertion Loss VHF Low TV (54-88 MHz)0.35 dB
Insertion Loss VHF High TV (174-216 MHz).5 to 0.55 dB
Insertion Loss UHF TV (470-608 MHz)0.89 dB
Through Power Limit FM3 kW
Through Power Limit VHF Low TV 3.1 kW
Through Power Limit VHF High TV2.0 kW
Through Power Limit UHF TV1.1 kW



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