Antenna Tuning Units (ATUs)

Antenna Tuning Units

Including Indoor and Outdoor Aluminum Cabinets, Pre-Fabricated Buildings, Mockups for existing buildings, and safety screens.

Kintronic Laboratories, inc. LTU-series of Line Terminating Units (Antenna Tuning Units) are configured for typical installation at the base of an AM/MF tower radiator. Each Line Terminating Unit (Antenna Tuning Unit) is custom designed to provide a wide band impedance match between the characteristic impedance of the transmission line and the drive impedance presented by the tower. Typical LTU/ATU utilizes a “T” network design. RF Components are conservatively rated for the required transmitter carrier power (1KW to 1MW+) plus 125% modulation resulting in long term reliable operation. Kintronic Line Terminating Units (Antenna Tuning Units) are configured as Open Panel/Shelf for wall mounting in tuning houses or in a weatherproof housing for outdoor installation. Higher Power Line Terminating Units (Antenna Tuning Units) can be supplied in complete mock up form for installation in a customer supplied building or shipped in a pre-fabricated building from Kintronic’s facility.

Information required when requesting a quote:

  1. Transmitter Power and Frequency
  2. Antenna Impedance if Available
  3. Whether Tower is Self Supporting or Guyed
  4. Tower Feed configuration: Series Fed, Base Insulated, Base Insulated or Skirt Fed.
    • If Base Insulated Provide The Steel Height Above the Base Insulator
    • If Skirt Fed, Please Provide Impedance Measurements at the Carrier Frequency and ± 5,10,15 KHz or a Tower Drawing Which Includes the Details of the Unipole Kit Installation
  5. Input Coax Cable Size

Available meter option packages:

OPTION A: Weschler square law scale thermocouple meter installed in a MS-MP meter panel with a MS-5 meter switch.

OPTION B: Weschler square law scale thermocouple meter on a JP-MP1 meter plug plus JP-J1 two-terminal jack.

OPTION C: Delta Electronic RF Current Meter Installed.

Accessories Such as Lighting Chokes, Support Stands, and other Custom Features are Available to Meet Specific Site Requirements.

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