VOH Israel Triplex: Installed to On-Air in 3 DAYS

VOH Install2

BEFORE the installation

Following a week of waiting for our equipment to clear customs, everything at the Voice of Hope Israel transmission site was in place and ready for the ATU’s and AM triplex gear to be moved into position at the base of the tower. The shipment was finally delivered on a Thursday morning, and after a whirlwind day of heavy-lifting and assembly by the Bezeq “A” Team, the tower base was no longer a desolate concrete pad, but an organized array of Kintronic Labs matching and filter units ready for action. By Friday evening, two out of the three stations were on air, and as of this week we can say all three stations are on air and performing well as a result of the exceptional design and commissioning effort by the dTR/H&D Joint Venture.


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