LAB9.50 Dehydrator


For Coaxial Transmission Line

Max. Flow rate: 0.47 CFM (800 l/h)

Output Pressure: Factory set at 4.5 PSI (programmable from 1.5 – 8.5 PSI)

The LAB9.50 dehydrator achieves reduced mechanical wear and noise, and therefore, a long lifetime through its adaptive flow rate feature, dual compressors and drying chambers, and the fact that there are no moving mechanical parts in the system. Pump speed control avoids mechanical pressure regulators, thus eliminating undesirable pressure losses and a worse response to plant air flow regulation.

7/8″ Coax: up to 77,100 ft (23500m)

1-5/8″ Coax: up to 24,278 ft (7400m)

2-1/4″ Coax: up to 16,404 ft (5000m)

3-1/8″ Coax: up to 7,218 ft (2200m)

6-1/8″ Coax: up to 2,034 ft (620m)

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The Kintronic Labs Model LAB9.50 dehydrator is set apart from the rest of the pack as a result of

LAB Series Technology

  1. They are completely service free
  2. Pump duty is limited to a minimum – electronic control of the pump by Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) supplies a real time flow rate equivalent to the real time leakage rate
  3. No mechanical parts in movement, thus lowering wear; no solenoid valves (they limit reliability of the system)
  4. No pressure regulator is needed – the target pressure is automatically held in the unit being pressurized
  5. There are two drying chambers that alternate (50% of the time each), and they’re driven to operate below their maximum flow rate, further increasing lifetime of the dehydrator. While the first chamber is active, the desiccant in the second chamber is regenerated through heating and backwashing with a small reverse dry air flow.


  1. Includes two pumps and two drying chambers running alternatively to yield an MTBF of > 165,000 hours
  2. Drying chambers with automatic regeneration
  3. Local and remote alarm signaling with optional remote control via SNMP protocol and HTTP interface by a 10/100 MB Ethernet interface
  4. Optional digital flow meter for air flow measurement
  5. Low power consumption and low acoustic noise


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