FMC-20RE 20kW FM Isocoupler


The FMC-20RE Isocoupler is the ideal solution for colocating a transmit-receive FM antenna, operating in the frequency range of 88-108 MHz, on a “hot” AM tower without disrupting the AM antenna characteristics. The FMC-20RE FM Isocoupler is rated for 20kW maximum power at the tuned FM frequency.

The input connector is a 3-1/8″ Male flange.

Each isocoupler is tuned to within +/- 3 MHz from the operating frequency. Insertion loss is less than 0.2 dB at the operating frequency.

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FMC-20RE 20kW FM Isocoupler

The FMC-20RE Isocoupler permits a broadcast signal of less than 20kW to be routed across the base insulator of a series fed Medium Wave tower at a specific frequency in the FM band. Maximum Medium Wave tower base voltage is 25 KV Peak. 6 MHz tuned bandwidth with insertion loss less than 0.2 dB.


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