AM/FM/TV Main/Standby Transmitter Controller


KTL-RMC-1LR-R1 PLC-based Transmitter Controller for switching between AM, FM and TV Main and Standby Transmitters.


A new exterior digital control unit on this controller enables the user to set the time interval during which the AC pulse is applied to the RF contactor or coaxial switch according to the typical switch transition time.

KTL-RMC-1L/R Main/Standby Transmitter Controller Brochure


Standard Features of the KTL-RMC-1LR-R1 Transmitter Controller

  • Utilizes Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with Relay Logic Emulation
  • Versatile Electrical Interface to accommodate direct AC drive or low voltage DC drive of any type of open frame or coaxial switch
  • Front Panel illuminated push-button selection
  • Remote control interface
  • Key operated XMTR interlock bypass for operation into dummy load
  • Fail-safe logic utilizing transmitter RF mute to prevent switch movement with RF applied
  • Adjustable duration switching window for solenoid protection and to permit operation of any type of RF switch
  • Electrical interface provisions on rear:
    • 14-pin quick disconnect for RF Contactor
    • 7-pin quick disconnect for remote control
    • 12-pin barrier strip for XMTR RF mute, antenna safety interlock & dummy load air interlock
  • Dimensions: 19″ (483mm) W x 13.75″ (349mm) D x 5.25″ (133mm) H