CJMR-CJYE: Lowering cabinets into ATU Buildings

Praise for Another Kintronic Diplexed Antenna System

Early this year Kintronic supplied Canada’s Trafalgar Broadcasting with ATUs, filter cabinets and a new phasor to facilitate the diplexing of AM stations CJMR and CJYE in Oakville, Ontario. It was a unique situation in that the ATU buildings were very small, requiring their roofs to be removed in order to lower the ATU and filter cabinets through the roofs into the buildings during the installation phase.

CJMR-CJYE Phasor Room

CJMR-CJYE Phasor Room

Kevin Dent, with the White Oaks Group and lead engineer on the project, said, “I am elated with our new Kintronics equipment and would definitely recommend your company of experts to anyone requiring high quality construction. Simply “the BEST”.” 

Kevin Dent at rest

Kevin Dent with the new Kintronic DA-1 Phasor

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