Climate-controlled Weatherproof Cabinet

KTL’s Climate-Controlled Weatherproof Cabinet: Ideal for FM Translator Equipment

KTL’s climate-controlled weatherproof cabinet  is a convenient and proven way to securely locate your FM translator equipment near the base of the AM tower without worrying about the effects of weather conditions. Crawford Broadcasting Company’s Director of Engineering Cris Alexander provided a testimony on his experience with our cabinets:

“As Crawford Broadcasting Company began planning for a number of new AM fill-in translators in the 2016 filing windows, we knew we had to find a way to shelter the translator equipment near the bases of the AM towers at several locations. In these locations, the transmitter building was much too far from the tower base to locate the translator equipment in that more traditional setting. We were pleasantly

Climate-controlled weatherproof cabinet

KTL’s Climate-controlled weatherproof cabinet

surprised when our friends at Kintronic Laboratories showed us that they had developed a climate-controlled weatherproof cabinet that could be mounted in any number of ways at virtually any location. We purchased the first of these for KBRT in Los Angeles, mounting it to the concrete block wall that surrounds the tower base there. That installation worked so well that we bought several others, mounting some on Kintronic-supplied welded stands and bolting others to existing structures. These cabinets are just the right size for a translator of any power (we have 600-watt transmitters in a couple of them), including transmitter, processor, RDS generator, codecs and other equipment. The climate control mechanism keeps the equipment happy. We remain very pleased with these specialized cabinets and have recommended them to other translator licensees looking for a convenient way to securely house their equipment.”

There you have it. We fully stand by these climate-controlled weatherproof cabinets as the complete solution for housing your FM translator installations at the base of the tower. Most importantly, we can customize them to fit your needs in regard to size, shelving, outlets and controls.

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