Bobby L. Cox, PhDEE

Senior Staff Engineer

Bobby L. Cox, PhDEE is a Senior Staff Engineer with Kintronic Laboratories where he has been employed since 1994.  He holds a BSEE 1989, MEE 1991, and PhDEE 1994 from Mississippi State University.  His Graduate studies specialized in: Classical electromagnetics;    Computational electromagnetics; Signal processing; and Communications.   Dr. Cox’s  doctoral dissertation involved NEC modeling of an electrically large antenna structure and design of an exponentially tapered transmission line antenna.  He has been a Member of IEEE since 1985.  Bobby joined Kintronic Laboratories in 1994, where he is responsible for the design engineering, project management, production details, and testing of hundreds of medium wave (AM) antenna systems, both domestic and international.  His work includes: Low, medium and high power directional arrays; Multiplexed stations;  LF and VLF matching networks; custom high power RF components; co-location of broadcast facilities; and Military mobile broadcast antenna systems.   He specializes in numerical modeling of unusual antenna configurations. He has authored several papers on AM digital broadcast antenna systems and most recently co-authored the chapter entitled “Antenna Coupling and Phasing Systems” in the 11th edition NAB Engineering Handbook released in 2018.


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