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Radio Broadcasting & Telecommunications Equipment

Serving the needs of the worldwide terrestrial radio broadcast community for over 60 years - Kintronic Labs produces top-quality radio frequency (RF) components and systems for a wide variety of applications

Kintronic Labs teams with a host of worldwide suppliers to integrate the highest quality, most cost effective solution for your AM/Medium Wave radio broadcast transmission facility needs anywhere in the world.*

With advanced experience in the design, fabrication, installation and test of Ibiquity HD- or Digital Radio Mondiale(DRM)-compliant transmission systems, Kintronic Labs has the tools to get your station on the air with a reception quality second to none.

All components – ranging from the simplest RF capacitor to a complete, state-of-the-art antenna system – are customized to your exact specifications and manufactured at our Tennessee facility

If you’re considering the installation of a cell phone site, mobile television site, WiMAX site, FM transmission site or other broadcast/telecom application on an existing AM/MW broadcast tower, Kintronic Labs has innovative solutions to help you save large sums of money on installation and start-up costs.

Our equipment and components have proven to be reliable and durable, but in the event of a disaster like a fire, flood or hurricane, we’re here to address any off air problems – over the phone or in-person if necessary – and help you restore communications as quickly as possible. Equipment installed by Kintronic Labs in various locations around the world has been in service for over 30 years.

The staff at Kintronic Labs design, manufacture and test all of the equipment needed to:

  • Implement a fixed or mobile site AM/MW broadcast transmission site
  • Upgrade an AM/MW antenna system from analog to HD- or DRM-compliant performance
  • Co-locate two or more AM/MW broadcast stations on a common omni-directional or directional antenna system
  • Facilitate the parallel operation of multiple AM/MW transmitters
  • Develop unique AM/MW skirt feed systems for grounded towers
  • …and much more

The KinStar low-profile AM/MW antenna technology developed jointly by Star-H Corporation and Kintronic Labs has been type accepted by the Federal Communications Commission for full-time omni-directional operation in the U.S. market. This innovative, wideband and electrically short antenna offers the highest efficiency of any low profile AM/MW antennas available in the world market.

The advent of the KinStar technology allows you to place a transmitter in areas with tower-height restrictions (e.g. near an airport) and still enjoy the range you would in a location without height restrictions.

We also offer pre-fabricated aluminum, steel or concrete buildings to house your transmitter and associated equipment, your antenna tuning networks and/or your back-up generator.

Every order, no matter how small, is promptly handled at our facility and delivered directly to your site, anywhere in the world*, in a timely manner.

Learn more about our fully integrated antenna systems, telecommunications solutions or our custom RF components below. Contact us for a custom quote today.

(* Where U.S. has free trade agreements)