TestEquity 1007C Temperature Chamber


  • -73°C to +175°C Temperature Range (opt. to +205°C)
  • 7 Cu Ft Workspace, 24 W x 21 H x 24 D (198 Liters)
  • High/Low Limit Control and Alarm
  • Viewing Window & Interior Light
  • 4″ Access Ports on Left & Right Side
  • Non-CFC Cascade Refrigeration
  • Input Voltage:  208V, 60Hz, 1 PH

PRICE: $16,475.00


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F4 Temperature Controller
Up to 256 steps can be programmed into as many as 40 nameable profiles. The context sensitive information key and guided steps make profile programming fast and easy. A four-line backlit LCD displays programming, setup, operating and help information. A large LED readout indicates the actual chamber temperature with 0.1° resolution. Internal logic provides refrigeration compressor control for responsive and reliable performance. Includes two alarms and seven event outputs to control remote devices. RS-232C communications is also included. GPIB, Ethernet and analog retransmit are available as options.

High/Low Temperature Limit Controller and Alarm
Limit ControllerProvides independent protection against excess temperatures. Both high and low limits can be set. The upper LED readout indicates the actual chamber temperature while the lower readout indicates the status The limit controller will shut down the chamber and trigger the audible alarm in the event of an out of limit condition. A set of uncommitted contacts are available to provide a safety power interlock for your test sample.

Viewing Window
Our unique design virtually eliminates exterior window sweating during normal temperature cycling conditions.

Two 4″ Access Ports
Lets you attach wires and sensors to your test sample through both the left and right side of the chamber.

Adjustable Shelf
A heavy-duty stainless steel wire shelf ensures proper airflow around your test sample for uniform temperature distribution.

Chamber Condensate Drain
Now included in all new 1007C chambers. The chamber floor is sloped and has a drain to permit removal of condensate that can occur when cycling from low to high temperatures.

Rugged 3″ casters permit easy movement.

Built-In Refrigeration Gauges
Provides system status for easy preventive maintenance and service.

See full detailed description on the OEM’s website: https://www.testequity.com/products/598/


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