PowerAim150 Antenna Analyzer

The Latest Antenna Analyzer is here: the PowerAIM 150

Kintronic Labs is proud to be promoting Array Solutions’ latest model of the PowerAIM antenna analyzer, the PowerAIM 150. This upgraded version includes improved digital signal processing filters that enable measurements in the presence of RF interference up to 150 v peak, 3x that of the PowerAIM 120. The RF source power of the PowerAIM 150 is 10x that of the PowerAIM 120. 

The parameters that can be measured include:

PowerAIM 150 software display

PowerAIM 150 software demonstrating how measurements can be made on a 160-m vertical even when strong broadcast stations are only a few miles away.

• SWR referenced to any impedance
• Resistance and reactance at the cable input
• Resistance and reactance at the antenna terminals
• Resistance and reactance of discrete components
• Return loss
• Reflection coefficient
• Cable length
• Cable impedance
• Cable loss
• Distance to fault (open or short)
• Band scan for interfering signals
• Quartz crystal parameters
• TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) for cable evaluation
*The scan data can be saved to disk or printed to compare before and after results. It can also be imported into spreadsheet programs for further analysis

PowerAIM 150 Carrying Case

PowerAIM 150 Carrying Case

The PowerAIM 150 package includes the following:

  • Shock resistant carrying case
  • Battery, battery cable, and global charger
  • 1 set of Type-N Precision Loads
  • USB Cable
  • Software (download)
  • Future software upgrades are free

*This instrument requires a laptop or iPad to serve as the display monitor*

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