Joaquin “JR” Raventos, Masters in Engineering Technology – Sales Engineer

Joaquin Raventos graduated as Telecommunications Engineer from UPC-ETSEB Telecom in Barcelona, Spain and holds a Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership and a Masters in Engineering Technology from East Tennessee State University – ETSU.

He is an engineer with experience in the electronics, electro-optics, and broadcast industries and was a management consultant implementing manufacturing technology.

His professional background includes strategic marketing & sales, new product development, project management, and ISO 9001:2015 implementation.

Fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan, he has experience with diverse cultures and business traditions in the private and public sectors in Europe, U.S.A. and Latin America.

During his career, he held engineering and management positions with PHILIPS – Electronics, and NIGHTLINE, INC. – Night Vision Systems, where he served as senior vice president of sales. He joined KINTRONIC LABS in 2013 as sales engineer & ISO 9001 project manager.