Monitoring Components & Accessories


To facilitate the switching of either a main or auxiliary transmitter to either the antenna or a dummy load Kintronic Labs offers a wide range of standard main/auxiliary/dummy RF switches in wall mountable painted housings with key locked, hinged door access for transmitter powers ranging from 1kw to 600kw in either three-port or four-port designs. Depending on the transmitter power the transmission line ports may be Type N female connectors, foam transmission line cable clamp assemblies or standard EIA flanges. Full mode selection and position status features with either local or remote access are included in each RF switch by utilizing the Kintronic Labs Model KTL-RMC-1LR rack mountable controllers that are available with each RF switch. For use in AM and FM transmission facilities Kintronic Labs offers a wide range of standard or custom manual patch panels with standard models utilizing from three to seven ports for 7/8”EIA, 1-5/8”EIA, 3-1/8”EIA, 4-1/16”EIA or 6-1/8”EIA. Each patch panel includes a U-link release tool, U-link position status microswitches and female EIA flange ports.

R.F. Meters & Remote Meters

Kintronic Laboratories offers top quality Delta Electronics manufactured toroidal RF current meters and accessories as well as economical thermocouple RF current meters. The Delta Electronics TCA series meters offer both local and remote reading capability.

If you require remote reading capability with a thermocouple current meter, Kintronic Labs offers the model RM-1 remote antenna current sensing unit along with the associated model RM-9TL remote pickup loop, which can offer a DC sample proportionate to the RF current at any point in an ATU. This sample can be fed back to a transmitter building remote control system via a shielded twisted pair and calibrated with a variable resistor to allow economical remote monitoring of antenna current.

Also available are a line of make-before-break meter switches for use with thermocouple RF current meters.

Voltage Sampling Unit

In accordance with FCC 08-228 Second Report and Order and the Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking released on September 26, 2008, Section 73.151 of the FCC rules entitled “Directional Antenna Performance Verification” was modified to add among other things the following: “Samples may be obtained from base voltage sampling devices at the output of the antenna coupling and matching equipment for the base-fed towers whose actual electrical height is greater than 105 degrees”. The Kintronic Labs Model VSU-1 and VSU-1HV were developed in response to this new FCC Report and Order and have now been installed in several AM directional stations in the US to facilitate Method of Moment (MOM) proofs of performance of these respective arrays. The voltage rating of the Model VSU-1 is 20kV peak, and the voltage rating of the Model VSU-1HV is 30kV peak. The VSU units are supplied in aluminum weatherproof enclosures with keylocked entry door, provisions for installation on a single vertical upright and off white paint finish. The output connector is a Type N female. The VSU design has proven to be very robust having not realized any damage during a direct lightning strike on the tower to which it was connected.

UV Arc Detector

Kintronic Labs offers an economical UV arc detector in a wall mountable, RF shielded housing. The model ARCDET can quickly and reliably provide detection of arcing, opening a transmitter safety interlock circuit to protect your RF tuning system before serious damage is caused by a sustained arcing situation.

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